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*is not an architectural office.     *constructs physical architectural ideas with independence from the physical construction of their realities.
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Eric Baudelaire, [sic], film, 15 min, 2009

Eric Baudelaire explores the bokashi, a Janpanese form of censership which consists in scratching all images “which consists in scratching all images “which unnecessarily excite or stimulate sexual desire.” These heliogravure printes are enlargements of the scratching on western art magazines. In the video, a bookshop employee receives art boooks; she scratches certain images, firstly of nudity, then of landscapes and abstract works. Her gesture of sel-censorship can be ssen as a form of poetry of the absurd, a ritual which transforms into a reflection on the power of images.

Thomas Edison, The Black Maria, 1893

The Black Maria was Thomas Edison's film production studio in West Orange, New Jersey. It was the world's first film studio.

Pietro Bianchi, Triangle of Sadness: To Have Done with Carnival of Power, 2022

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Image: Abigail (Dolly de Leon) in Ruben Ostlund, Triangle of Sadness, 2022

Dahn Vo, Good Life, 2007

Video avaliable at:

In this video artist Danh Vo describes meeting Joseph Carrier, who was employed as a counterinsurgency specialist during the Vietnam War, and discovering Carrier’s collection of photos and ephemera. For Good Life (2007), Vo selected items from Carrier’s archive, arranging them as one might display historical or anthropological artifacts.

Aurelia Guo, World of Interiros, 2022

Last a few we weeks of flat viewing, competing bidding on rent and offer, the rather difficult and ridiculous scenes of finding a place to live in London, reminds me his beautiful eassay by Aurelia Guo, World of Interiors, named after the famous UK interior deco and life style magazine founded in 1981.

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