Studio Yuxin Wu
*is not an architectural office.     *constructs physical architectural ideas with independence from the physical construction of their realities.

Feb 2024    Writing on Georgia Sagri
“Yuxin Wu on Art Without Work and Work Without Art”, writing on Georgia Sagri and her lecture at Städelschule, published on Women Writing Architecture.

Jul 2023    Exhibition in Tokyo

Project “Tunel Fungi” is part of the gruop exhibition at SKWAT AOYAMA in Tokyo.

Jul 2023    Writing on Masanobu Fukuoka
“Careful Careless: A System to Restore Ecological System in Cities”, writing on Masanobu Fukuoka’s one straw revolution and “do-nothing” farming, published in lo Squaderno no.65, in collaboration with Dr. Jiayi Jin.

Apr 2023    Lecture at University of Sydney
Lecture: “What stories we tell to tell other stories with” at University of Sydney.

Apr 2023    Exhibition in Milan
“Tunel Fungi” is part of the deign exhibition curated by DropCity at the Salone el Mobile.


Dec 2023  Seilerstatte, Vienna  
Nov 2023  Via Altinate, Padova
Nov 2023  Via Cappuccina, Venice
Nov 2023  Palais de Tokyo, Paris


Eric Baudelaire, [sic], film, 15 min, 2009

Thomas Edison, The Black Maria, 1893

Pietro Bianchi, Triangle of Sadness: To Have Done with Carnival of Power, 2022

Dahn Vo, Good Life, 2007

Aurelia Guo, World of Interiros, 2022

Sound Recordings

Kraftwerk Birsfelden, Basel.  9 PM, 14 Apr 2024

Masoala Halle, Zurich.  3 PM, 11 Apr 2024

San Marco, Venice.  11 PM, 11 Nov 2023

Palais Royal, Paris.  2 PM, 5 Nov 2023

Porthmeor Beach, St Ives.  9 AM, 13 Apr 2023

Barbican Centre, London.  7 PM, 25 Jan 2023

Victoria Park, London.  9 AM, 12 Dec 2022

Rousham, Oxfordshire.  12 AM, 21 May 2022

Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.  3 PM, 14 Aug 2021

Euston Square, London.  7 PM, 22 Jun 2021

Parma, IT, 2023–2024

Transformation of a pair of 1980s office buildings into a connected research laboratory across two campuses. 


Stara Zagora, BG, 2023

Transformation and extension to a 1930s theatre and community centre.

Nanjing, CN, 2023

Museum entrance for an underground archaeological site. 


Nanjing, CN, 2023

Waterbus terminal and neighbourhood social hub.

Soundwalk Cloister

Sichuan, CN, 2023

Pavilion and soundwalking trail.  


Sichuan, CN, 2023

Exhibition and event hall.

Bulwark of Reveries

Sichuan, CN, 2023

Footbridge and landscape

Tunnel Fungi

Milan, IT, 2023

Reuse and transforation of tunnels of the Magazzini Raccordati of the Stazione Centrale into networks of urban mushroom farms.

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